Campus Outreach Indianapolis

Where it all Started

Campus Outreach, founded in 1978 at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL, is an interdenominational ministry targeting strategic college campuses in the United States and throughout the world. The vision of Campus Outreach is to “Build Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World.” We seek to build laborers with a commitment to the Great Commission through evangelism and discipleship. We are passionately reaching students with the gospel and training them to become mature followers of Christ. Our desire is then to see students leave college fully equipped to labor in the harvest field for the glory of God.

Information for Parents

We take seriously the well-being of your son or daughter. You have made immeasurable contributions in the lives of your children and it is our desire to come along-side of you in their spiritual growth and development. We sincerely believe and hold to the God-given authoritative role that parents have with their children. We do what we do because we love college students and specifically, your child. If you have any questions, thoughts, evaluation, or communication, we want to hear from you. You can search by campus or by staff person’s name. We would love to hear from you.


Commitment to Strategic Campuses
COI is committed to building ministries on small college campuses. Many organizations have ministered on a few large campuses, but for the most part the “smaller” campuses have been overlooked. These small campuses, where thousands of student attend school, are in many cases uncharted territory for an evangelical discipleship oriented ministry.

Relationship to the Church
COI is under the supervision and authority of Christ Community Church in Carmel, IN. Christ Community is committed to reaching college students locally and also to join hands with the broader evangelical community to reach students in this geographic region. This unique relationship with the church gives COI the freedom to minister to all students directly and to wholeheartedly support and work with other churches which are committed to the essentials of the faith.

In all my years of involvement with campus ministries, I have never been impressed with one any more than Campus Outreach. The ministry exhibits a rare combination of strengths in evangelism, discipleship, and theology."

- Randy Pope, Senior Pastor, Perimeter Church, Atlanta, GA

Leadership Team


David & Lisa Burns

Executive Director


Kyle & Tiffany Lee

Director of Operations


Chad & Mandy Mary

Director of Mobilization


Kyle and Keo Wallace

Area Director - Purdue, ISU


Matt & Brittanny Cazee

Area Director - USI, IU